Friday, November 19, 2010

To all the PDA’s I’ve loved before

I’m writing from my new Droid 2 phone. It’s funny that we call these things phones. They’re basically pretty powerful pocket computers.
I bought my first pocket electronic organizer in the late 90’s. It was the original Palm Pilot. You really had to sync that sucker with your desktop on a regular basis. The memory only worked as long as there was charge left in the battery. As soon as the charge died, poof, the memory was gone.
I once got a cute girl’s number, put it in my Palm Pilot, and then promptly forgot to sync or charge it. The next day, her number was gone. The next time I saw her was 2 years later and I was already happily dating my now wife. She acted a bit chilly, but I didn’t bother to explain why I never called – it would have seemed lame.
Of course, I’m old enough to remember wanting to get this:
Not that I would really have done much with it at age 11 or so, but I thought it was really cool. It was just a glorified calculator in some ways.
Since my Palm Pilot, I had 3 more Palm OS devices, the last of which was also my first phone/pda combo. I then had a 2 year affair with Blackberry and now I am infatuated with Android.
For your entertainment value, here are all of my PDA’s in the last 12 years, in chronological order: