Monday, October 15, 2007

The YU Commentator has an article about Young Israel setting a national screening process for all YI shul rabbis.

Here's the comment I posted at the Commentator website:

More top-down homogenization and yet another reason I don't daven at a Young Israel.

I wonder why they're taking this action? I have never heard of a case of a YI hiring a graduate of Chovevei Torah, and I can't think of any YI that would.

Another comment - as a fan of YCT, it disturbs me to see Rabbi Helfgot using the "Torah True" phrase. While I respect Rabbi Helfgot tremendously, this is slightly disturbing. While there's nothing's wrong with "Torah True" in principle, it's become a catchphrase of the yeshivish world to exclude places like YCT, and even YU sometimes. His using the term comes off like a desperate attempt to say to the yeshivish world: "Look - we're one of you! Please acknowledge our legitimacy!"


  1. Young Israel of Century City in Los Angeles hired Jason Weiner from YCT as assitant rabbi.

  2. Good to hear. Has anyone complained about it? Is he fitting in?

  3. Yup, everyone loves him.

    He is incharge of a seperate minyan