Monday, December 29, 2008

My first meme – 7 facts about me

I was tagged by Jessica with this meme - my first one :-)

The Rules:

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I have a really good voice (I’ve been told), love singing and used to sing in a choir. But I have no talent for art whatsoever. If you ask me to draw a picture, it’ll look like a kindergartner drew it.

I am a cyborg. I have a metal plate and 9 pins in my ankle as a result of a hiking accident at the aptly named Breakneck Ridge in 1996. (And am glad it wasn’t my neck!) I still set off some metal detectors.

I travelled to France with some friends to see a total solar eclipse in 1999. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in just before totality and we missed it. But it was still eerie to see day turn into night so abruptly. Next convenient chance: August 21, 2017, across the continental US.

I have an obsession with counting US states I’ve been to. There are even some arbitrary rules I made up, for instance, you have to stop in that state – you can’t just drive through a corner of it. Rest stops with stores count, but a porta-potty on the side of the road doesn’t. I’m up to 27 states so far. Most out of the way of them so far? Utah.

I didn’t plan my career in IT. I sort of just fell into it when I was working as an administrative assistant back in the early 90’s and kept having to fix the code of a balky database. After the first few times on the phone with tech support, I didn’t need their help anymore. I still wonder what I’ll do “when I grow up.”

Distressed by the massively increasing premature gray in my goatee I dyed my beard before my nephew’s wedding a few months ago. Nobody seemed to notice (maybe because, living far away, my family doesn’t see me that often) and a few days later it washed out. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again – too much trouble. At least I have all my hair.

I’m a strict vegetarian. I haven’t eaten any meat, fowl, or fish, or derivatives of them (knowingly), since 1991.

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