Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The great bee massacre of August 2009

I just mowed the lawn. And probably massacred a whole bunch of bees.

There were little yellow weed flowers all over the grass. And the bees were happily doing their pollen thing on quite a few of them. But I had to mow the lawn. You'd think that the bees would fly away when a loud lawn mower engine is less than a foot from them, but no. I hope I scared away as many as possible. I don't think bees have ears, but you'd think they could feel the vibrations! I hate to kill bees, especially after the bee die off of the last few years.

My wife & have talked about how we'd love to plant native flora instead of a lawn. Or perhaps use moss instead of grass. Unfortunately, we're renters, and our lease requires us to maintain the grass lawn and mow it. But maybe in the future. Maybe I'll become a beekeeper as well.

And then maybe bee society won't remember me as the perpetrator of the great bee massacre of August 2009.

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