Sunday, January 26, 2014

The "All for the Boss" test

I just thought of a new test to tell if you're Charedi or Modern Orthodox. It's called the "All for the Boss" test. Read or re-read the popular (in the frum world) 1984 biography of Yaakov Yosef Herman by his daugher Ruchoma Shain.
Inspired? You're Charedi.

Appalled? You're Modern Orthodox or further to the left.
Was he a tremendous machnis oreach?

Or was he a fanatic who had no consideration for his wife, bringing home crowds all the time and expecting her to feed them, working her fingers to the bone?

Was he a tzadik who bravely fought for frumkeit in early 20th century NYC and who cultivated sons and sons in law to be great Torah scholars?

Or was he a fundamentalist who refused to let his very bright 17 year old daughter go off to college and instead married her off almost against her will and sent the young couple off to Poland to learn for a few years?

1 comment:

  1. I’d think there are many MO’s who are neither: not really inspired, but by no means appalled. They’d likely profess nominal admiration, maybe with a few caveats.
    Many of them follow rabbis they respect who are personally considerably more RW than them.

    But MO’s are less inclined (conditioned) than RW frummies to reflexively declare themselves “moved”, “inspired” and overcome with an alleged desire to emulate, every tzaddik they read about.