Sunday, March 16, 2014

Purim codes?

Sigh. Because of a new video, many are inundating FB and email with the silly "purim codes", which claims a mysterious connection between the names of Haman's son's in the Megillah and the 10 Nazi war criminals executed in Neuremberg in 1946.

In general, I deeply dislike "torah codes". People like it because it provides comfort in faith. But faith that has proof (very dubious proof, but many don't see that) is not faith at all, and cheapens true faith and certainly cheapens the idea of free will.

Emunah should be based on a deep feeling, an emotion that engenders a certainty of the soul, not on party tricks.

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  1. Hmm. I think it's rather strong to say that it cheapens true faith, but I agree that these "Torah code" things tend to be a little silly. They're cute, and they're nice to present to kids, but I don't think any serious adult should put too much stock in them. Certainly not base their emunah in them.