Friday, August 8, 2014

Supporting Israel doesn't mean supporting the right-wing there

Earlier, on Facebook, I criticized the establishment of a new settlement in the memory of the 3 boys. I suggested that if they really wanted to honor their memory, they could give tzedaka, learn mishnayot, even establish a new yishuv inside the green line, rather than creating a political provocation for the PA at a time when Yehuda and Shomron has, thankfully, stayed relatively quiet as compared to Gaza.

Of course, a number of you strongly disagreed with me, as I expected. But one comment really bothered me, implying that since I don't live there, I shouldn't question these types of decisions.

Here's my issue with that attitude.

Even if you accept the "you're in chutz la-Artez, you can't judge the war in Gaza" argument (which I don't), this case is entirely different. This has nothing to do with protecting people.

I happen to have consistently supported the incursion into Gaza (despite the horrific consequences, which I blame on Hamas).

This has nothing to do with protecting our brothers and sisters from rockets and terror. This is a political decision to make a right-wing political point, and there is NOTHING unseemly about criticizing it.

Supporting Israel in a time of war means supporting the army and the fight against the enemy. It does NOT mean unquestioning support of damaging right wing policies.

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