Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Israel does not practice apartheid. But is it on a path to do so?

Jay Michaelson makes some good points in his article If Israel’s Occupation Is Permanent, Why Isn’t It the Same as Apartheid?

Some thoughts:

The time to separate into 2 states would have been 20 years ago, when support was still high. Now it's hard to imagine how it'll happen. The Palestinians missed chances and then their violent responses hardened Israeli public position.

I don't know what the answer is. I agree with the article, but I don't see a two-state solution happening anytime soon. Israel is stuck in a morass of it's own making and the making of the Palestinians.

One other point - many on the right will take exception to Michelson's 2nd to last paragraph, that the long-term demographics aren't on Israel's side. Caroline Glick, for instance, asserts that the Jewish birthrate is rising and the Palestinian birthrate is dropping. Is that true? It's hard to know. It may just be selective reading of the data by a right wanting to believe that there will always be a Jewish majority.


  1. It's important to understand the real situation.
    Fatah and Hamas are incapable of running a country. They are terrorist organizations sworn to the destruction of Israel and have spent 3 generations indoctrinating their people that this is their goal. For them to suddenly turn around and say "Hey, we're going to live alongside Israel in our own country now" would be a complete betrayal to their followers. In addition, these "leaders" are kleptocrats. Even if they did try to run an independent state, they would drive it off a metaphorical cliff within weeks if not sooner.
    The ideal situation is the one that currently prevails. Fatah has a pseudo-state in Yehuda and Shomron with just enough responsibilities. It relies on Israel for all the really big things including clean water and electricity. It's the same now with 'Aza. Israel can never formally annex these areas and grant the Arabs there citizenship. They can never be an independent country. In order to keep the status quo going we have rockets from Hamas and peace negotiations with Fatah, all done to make it look like there's going to be solution when, in fact, it's in no one's interest.

  2. Please read these three short pro-Israel articles by Mr. Patrick Condell, an atheist who has no Jewish ancestors and no religious beliefs that might cause him to favor Jews: