Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Any good blogs still out there?

This blog (like many of the old Jblogs) has been mostly dormant for a while. All the good conversation has moved to Facebook. But the format at Facebook isn't as friendly for intellectual discussion as the blogs were in their heyday.

Plus, Facebook is way too addictive, and the conversations, over religion and especially politics, get way too heated and angry. And there's way too much obsession over Trump everywhere. (Other than keeping up with the basic headlines, I want to think about that man as little as possible). I decided I needed a break from Facebook - a very extended one. Additionally, too much Facebook takes time away from being a father, which is my most important job in life right now.

But I do need some good intelligent conversation online occasionally.

If anyone's actually reading this, is there any corner of the Jblogosphere that's still alive? Any good blogs with lively comment sections? Anything like what we had back in the mid-00's?


  1. I guess the answer to m last paragraph is a) no one is reading this, or b) no good blogs still exist.

    I need to go back to 2006...

    1. I swerved into your blog via Treppenwitz. I, too,miss the blogs of yesteryear.

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  3. Let me try this again: I wish I could recommend my own blog, but I haven't been writing as frequently in recent years, and my comment section was never as popular as DovBear's.