Friday, November 7, 2008

Rav Elyashiv bans wigs?

The latest chumrah? Sheitels are too sexy and should not be worn.

My wife doesn't cover her hair & I like it that way. Frankly I think it's a very weak halacha that had more to do with social mores throughout history than with anything the Torah says. (I know I'm going to get hit on that one, but I'll delve into the halachic issues in another post.)

However, many frum women do insist on covering their hair. What Rav Elyashiv doesn't get in the cloistered Charedi world, is that many of these women work, especially in the US. They can't show up at the office with scarves or hats. It's just not done. And I'm not just talking about big league career women. What about all those kollel wives who support their husbands? Surely Rav Elyashiv likes the kollel system? Well, he seems to want to have his cake & eat it too. If you want men not to work, someone has to bring in the money and it's usually the wives. And they need sheitels to work in a modern office.

This is the problem with the idea of "gedolim" as poskim, when they have no connection to and no inkling of what life is like in communities outside their own narrow ones.

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