Thursday, November 6, 2008

Young kids in the white house

Interesting trivia: It looks like Sasha Obama, age 7, will be the youngest child of a president to live in the white house since the Kennedy kids (Caroline, 3 and John Jr, infant, at the start of JFK's term).

But it got me thinking and I realized that as far back as I can track without looking it up (back to the 30's) , only Democratic presidents have had children living with them in the white house.

Upon looking it up, I found that the last Republican president to have kids under 18 upon becoming president was Calvin Coolidge, who had 2 boys, aged 17 and 15. The younger one, Calvin Jr., died of blood poisoning at age 16.

William Howard Taft's youngest son was 12 when his father became president. The last republican to have preadolescent children in the white house was Theodore Roosevelt, whose youngest child, Quentin, was only 3 when Teddy became president.

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