Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is the ketchup kosher?

A few weeks before Pesach, I moved to a new desk at work. The previous occupant had left a lot of junk in the desk. I didn't realize one of the drawers had food in it under the files and didn't get around to cleaning it till this week. I found a whole bunch of ketchup and mayo packets inside, the kind that you get from fast food places.

Not that I have a great need to consume these condiments, but it made me wonder - are they kosher or are they chametz she'avar alav achar hapesach (CSAAAHP)? They are Heinz, and have an O-U on them. But they were in my desk over Pesach and weren't sold with my other chametz. On the other hand, I wasn't aware of their existence till this week. Plus, the desk doesn't belong to me, it belongs to my employer. So were the packets halachically considered to be in my possession over Pesach?

So what's the halacha?

A second question: if they are CSAAAHP, do I need to throw them out (rather than leave them in the office kitchenette) to avoid the chance that someone else Jewish in my office might eat them inadvertantly? Or if it's a safek that it's CSAAAHP, and a safek that a Jew would eat them, is that a sfek sfeka and it's ok to leave them in the kitchenette? Or does sfek sfeka not apply to possible chametz?

Just some "food" for thought.

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