Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Staten Island Ferry

This is my first post from my cellphone. Hope this works!
I moved to eastern Pennsylvania a few months ago and have been commuting to NY on a semi-regular basis.
It's a brutal commute. If I didn't have to cross the Hudson, I could do it in half the time. But as it is, ot usually takes me at least 3 hours. It normally involves some combination of driving, NJ Transit trains, and PATH.
Today, I tried something new: the Staten Island Ferry. It didn't make the commute any shorter, but it was immensly more relaxing. The open water and air was far better than a cup of coffee ever could be! I'm looking forward to the evening commute, coming up soon!
I took a video from the ferry. As I said above, this is my first mobile post. Hope the video posts...

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