Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Live blogging Israel - sort of

Just arrived in Israel for a family wedding.
I'm not usually prone to "only in Israel" stories, but I have to relate a couple of small things.
1) The young female ElAl employee at JFK who asked me the usual "who packed your bags?", "did anyone give you a package?" questions also, after examining my Israeli passport, demanded to know why, if I had made aliyah, was I living in America. She then proceeded to strongly urge me to uproot my family immediately and return to Israel to live.
2) I caught a nasty cold on the plane. Hundreds of people in an enclosed space for 9 hours...
At Ben Gurion Airport, I approached the passport control desk. The woman at the desk, seeing me sniffling, immediately pulled out a roll of toilet paper (I guess she had no tissues) and sympathetically placed it in front of me.
It's nice to be home.

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