Friday, July 19, 2013

An old stone wall - part of King David's palace?

Some archaeologists claim to have found one of King David's palaces:

One of the biggest problems I've noticed in these archaeological wars is that there's very little consensus on scientific method, as opposed to, say, the field of biology. Half the archaeologists (who also tend to be the loudest) seem to come with many many preconceptions & agendas, and they make wild assertions, both in the biblical maximalist and minimalist directions. And these aren't armchair archaeologists, these are the people who are actually carrying out the excavations. So it's very hard to get objective information about what was found, to have a purely scientific perspective.

Ancient texts, including Tanach, are, of course, relevant to ANE archaeology. But many archaeologists seem to have already made up their minds about the Torah and then interpret what they dig up in light of those preexisting beliefs. There's no objective standard.

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