Monday, August 19, 2013

I wish the Charedi world had peer review

A comment I left on another blog, on a post about another outrageous statement a Charedi rav was purported to say:
I know that the Charedi world doesn't work this way, but I wish there was a publication process and peer review, like there is in the academic world. Otherwise, we depend on rumor and hearsay about what these rabbanim say. These endless conversations should not be about whether a famous rav said what he is purported to have said or not. The conversation should be about agreement or disagreement with these statements. It's ridiculous that so much time is spent discussing who said what.
If a well known rav makes a statement, it should be unambiguous and he can then be called upon to defend or explain himself. Vague statements from behind closed doors reported by followers with agendas should not be taken seriously.

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  1. The Chareidi leadership is in a strange symbiotic relationship with its followers and it's the followers who are determining the agenda.
    If a "Gadol" says what the masses wants to hear, like more mechitzos on buses and down with denim skirts, then we must follow him unquestioningly because he is "Daas Torah". If he dares to same something they don't want to hear then he's been misquoted, you didn't hear him correctly, etc.
    Knowing this how many Gadolim simply let stuff be circulated in their name because they know giving their real opinion would lead to dirty diapers pelting them on their next trip to shul?