Friday, April 18, 2014

Not ready to dump kitniyot

I have no objection to anyone giving up the prohibition of kitniyot. But for me it's still relevant the same way all halacha is relevant. All halacha is man-made. Some rules were created 2,500 years ago, some 1,700 years ago, and some, like kitniyot, is only around 700 years old. But that's old enough for it to have become embedded deeply into Ashkenazi Jewish life, and to become something kept by generations of my ancestors, alongside shabbat, kashrut, etc. So I'm not ready to just jettison it.

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  1. I understand. When I realized halacha (and the Torah) are manmade, these things mostly stopped bothering me. And other things stopped bothering me, like the Lubavitch view that their rebbe is Moshiach. Such a belief is no more or less nonsensical than the idea of Moshiach in general, or the splitting of the sea.