Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Even now, Israel is a safe place

You remember all the suicide bombings in the 90's and the early 00's? Remember the constant terrorism? Remember innocent people being killed every few weeks?
I think that we've gotten used to living without that constant threat, without that constant barrage of attacks. The very fact that people are reacting in a hyperbolic manner and demanding mass murder of civilians as revenge is itself an indication that we've forgotten how to react to terrorism.
There is no silver lining to this terrible tragedy of the 3 boys. But perhaps there's a silver lining to people's inappropriate reactions. It reminds us that Israel has become far safer for civilians in the past decade. We are no longer numb to all the death. When the kind of terror that we used to experience on a regular basis returns, we react in a way that shows our raw sensitivity. It shows that, small comfort it may be to the mothers of these boys, Israel is, Thank God, a relatively safe place to live or visit.
May Israel stay safe, and may we never have tragedies like this again.

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