Thursday, July 24, 2014

War is hell. And Gaza is hell right now.

When you hear or see a report on the radio or TV about the suffering and death in Gaza, please don't reflexively shut it off, thinking that it's "anti-Israel".

Yes, we can, and should, stand with Israel during this fight. Yes, Israel is in the right here.

But that doesn't negate the tremendous human suffering on the other side. It doesn't change the fact that children are being killed by our bombs, even if Hamas did put them in harm's way. It doesn't mean that innocent people aren't being killed, wounded, and displaced in massive numbers.

We should continue to cheer on our side, but we should also remember that war is hell, and there's nothing good about it.

Israel is doing what she has to. But there are ugly consequences to the actions she has been forced to take, and we cannot diminish our humanity by ignoring that. As Jews and human beings, our empathy should extend across enemy lines.

So next time a report from Gaza comes on, force yourself to listen. And care.

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