Thursday, November 7, 2013

Avrohom Meir Weiss has no excuse

Someone named Yossi left a comment on my Gital Dodelson post from the other day with this link, containing a defense of her ex, saying that Weiss had agreed to binding arbitration in May and that she was the one who abandoned that arbitration.

The telling sentence is this:
"If Gital really wants a Get - it is clearly available - but only through good faith negotiations."
How is that not withholding a get, and using it as leverage? How is that not holding her hostage to get what he wants in the arbitration? In what world is it acceptable to withhold a get pending the resolution of arbitration? In what way does this make his actions any less appalling?

The fact that halacha has left a loophole which gives men power over women in divorce is horrible. In the 21st century, any man who utilizes that mysoginistic power, no matter the circumstances, no matter who behaved badly in the divorce, deserves all the public shaming that can be mustered against him.

Let him give the get, and then they can resolve the remaining differences in their divorce as equals.

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