Friday, November 8, 2013

R Dovid Feinstein - "oh, my poor nephew is being prevented from having kids!"

In response to the recent New York Post article by Gital Dodelson, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, who I think is Avrohom Meir Weiss' uncle, wrote a letter disingenuously titled "Set Gital Free", when his point is to provide excuses for Weiss' disgusting withholding of the get, and to blame the situation on Dodelson herself.

But the point of this post is just to comment on one aspect of his letter that is only tangentially related to the main topic. He writes:

"Right now, there are 3 lives that are being ruined, or are at least on hold. Just look at Gital, the poor Agunah, whose personal life is in limbo at the prime time of her life, wasting away years. The same for Avrom Meir, as I watch his younger siblings, with their families growing past his."

(the third life he references is their child, addressed in the letter's next paragraph)

This reveals so much about the perspective of the Yeshivish community when it comes to life goals. His life is being ruined because he can't churn out children like his younger siblings. Because apparently,.that's the only point to life.

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