Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Blog is not dead (and neither am I)

I haven't posted on this blog in almost 4 months. I don't discuss my personal life on here much, but wanted to let those few of you who still read blogs but aren't connected to me in real life or on Facebook that I'm still around and am OK.

The last time I posted was before chaos took over, involving a move where everything went wrong, a flood in our new place, a hospital stay for a family member (the Kosher L'Pesach meals at the hospital were just awful), and finally, the early arrival of my twin children. Thank God, everything is getting back to normal, and I am settling in to new fatherhood.

In between diaper changes, I still hope to blog occasionally, so check back here once in a while!


  1. Here's wishing the whole family good health, and you and your wife a good night's sleep. :)

    1. What's this thing called "sleep" you refer to? :-)