Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump has brought out the worst in America

Donald Trump is bad news for this country. He's a buffoon and a clown, and is utterly unqualified to lead us. He's also unquestionably a misogynist. But if you look back at his history and connections, it doesn't seem like Trump is a major racist, but rather a mild bigot (if there's such a thing).

What scares me far more than Trump himself is the ugliness that his campaign has unleashed. The vile racism, antisemitism, and white supremacy that is normally hidden beneath America has risen up and decided to make itself known. We all knew this stuff existed, but I don't think we realized how prevalent it still was. And they've attached themselves to the rising star of an idiot, and are no longer afraid to say what they really think.

We thought America was so enlightened, here in 2016. Trump's campaign has shown us that there's a really scary side to this country, and we ignore it at our peril, especially now as that scary side feels empowered.

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