Friday, July 22, 2016

The legacy of President Donald J Trump

Given Hillary Clinton's unpopularity, I think we have to start seriously considering that a Trump presidency is a possibility, and how we will live with a minimum of 4 years of it.

I'm not going to flee to Canada (thought aliyah's not out of the question). This country won't fall apart. Congress will still be deadlocked. Despite the rhetoric, I don't think he'll be able to deport all illegals, nor will he be able to build that wall. He won't be able to keep all Muslims from entering the US. These are things that the president simply doesn't have the power to do himself. And the Federal government doesn't control our daily lives to the degree people  think.

But he could still do an awful lot of damage. He might succeed in getting a repeal of Obamacare through congress. And his SCOTUS picks would be with us for decades. Not to mention trade wars, growing isolationism, and despite the delusions of much of the right, Trump wouldn't be very good for Israel.

The worst part would be the rise of a newly empowered racist right, no longer afraid to express what they really think. This is already happening.

I'm probably missing one hundred things. What do you think would be the worst parts of a Trump presidency?

And, to be fair, is there any part of the legacy of a President Donald J Trump that could actually be good?

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